Monday, May 22, 2017

~Hope..Something We All Need!~

Had a relaxing day around the castle, did some dusting of some amazing pictures that my father acquired from Ollies Follies Gallery. After sneezing, I decided to open the window and let in some fresh air. The breeze blew throughout the room, rustling thru the Herb Garden that had grown from seeds our fellow villagers from Simply Shelby sent to the house. Sneezing I sat down on my newly purchased sofa, from Frame Works store, gazing at the Goblet that sat gleaming in the light from the window. The purple of the cushions just glistened as the reflection of the morning sun radiated off the Goblet. After my sneezing fit was over, I adjusted my necklace that reminds me of the peaceful village we have and my birthday present, this astonishing purple gown, delivered this morning from the tailor from EEc. This morning has been rather eventful, I think I might grab my money purse and head off to the Medieval Faire to where I can spend the coins my father had given me for my birthday. Walking past the entry table, I reach down and grab the map of the faire, as I am not good with directions and head out the door to start my adventure.
Traveling around the Biggest Medieval Faire in SL, this place shows just how amazing our fellow SL residents are as this Faire is dedicated to the cause of “Unmasking A Cure” for the American Cancer Society, where all donations will help to fight and find a cure for Cancer. 
You might think it looks overwhelming, but please take time to explore, donate or pick up some items for your SL world that will help benefit so many people’s lives that have been touched by Cancer. I know you might be thinking, I don’t have much lindens, it doesn’t matter, even 5L will help the cause, it will all add up and help the cause. So please, stop by and explore this amazing location and there is so many activities. Check out the link for more information:
Head: Catwa  Lona 2.16 with Teeth (Bento)
Catwa  - Catya BubbleGum
Eyes: Catwa  Un-rigged Mesh Eyes with HUD
Eyes Appliers: Catwa- Catwa HUD Eyes
Body:  Maitreya Lara 4.1 with Bento Hands
Hands:  Maitreya Lara 4.1 with Bento Hands
Skin: Ab. Fab Village square Ab.Fab Hope Skin - @ UAC Medieval Faire
Shape: Personal Shape
HairBase: ScS: Sinful Curves Skins Cheyanne Hairbase
Hair:  Wasabi Pills Anais – Dark Brown
Accessories:– Personally Created Nails
LIVIA Blossom Nails @TWE12VE EVENT
Jewelry: HHVET Victoriana - Main Store Location- Peaceful Harvest Necklace- @ UAC Medieval Faire
Items on Display
Skyfire Designs- Cancer “HOPE” Goblet- @ UAC Medieval Faire
Ollies Follies Home- Shabby Chic Botanical Montage - RARE- @ UAC Medieval Faire